BuildCraft Mod Minecraft version: 1.12.2

BuildCraft Mod 1.12.2/ / 1.11.2 is a really major mod which permits automation in Minecraft.  It's a mod which extends Minecraft using a method of machines and machines.  It provides many machines such as automating jobs, and plumbing for transport of things, fluids, and vitality. Pipes are utilized to transport fluids, items, and mechanical power involving inventories/machines.  There are several distinct sorts of pipes with all particular functions, such as Cherry, Cobblestone, including Stone, Sandstone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald and Obsidian.  Plumbing can be united together with Pipe Sealant allowing them to create Fluid Pipes that may carry fluids or using Redstone to create Kinesis Pipes allowing them to transfer energy.  MJ can be utilized to electricity BuildCraft along with BuildCraft-compatible machines.  By way of instance, Thermal Expansion's machines needs MJ. 


Outstanding features of BuildCraft Mod version 1.16.2 and version 1.12.2

BuildCraft Mod

BuildCraft Mod

Automation machinery

BuildCraft provides players with a variety of machines, equipped with automation. They need Redstone Flux (RF) power to operate and are powered by one or more engines. Some of the common machines used in Minecraft are ore mining machines, pumps, automated manufacturing tables, refineries, fuel tanks.


The engine is used to operate machines. You can pull items out of the warehouse with wooden tubes. The engine is turned on when loading the Redstone and accelerates when the machine is hot enough. If the engine is overheated, it may explode.

Pump: The pump will pump liquids and transport them through waterproof pipes.

Automatic board: The machine operates when provided with a recipe and raw material, which will pump out the craft items. A nearby chest will have material pulled out of it for use.

Refinery: When powered by a stirring engine, the oil is slowly converted into fuel, so it is easier for players to have fuel than crafting.

Storage tank: Contain liquid, including lava, water, oil and fuel.


Pipes are used to transporting items, liquids and strength between inventory. There are 8 different types of tubes each with unique functions, which are Wood, Pebble, Stone, Sandstone, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Obsidian. Pipes can be combined with waterproofing pipes to allow them to produce waterproofing pipes that can transport liquids or red rocks to create Pipes to allow them to transport energy.


BuildCraft supports the construction of fully automatic buildings, in some cases destroying square blocks at the request of the player.


Used to detect engine temperature, energy, MJ energy storage, machine status, inventory, pipe items or Redstone signals.


How to install?

  • Download Forge Installer, download Buildcraft-Builders jar file at
  • Right-click Forge Installer, select “Run as Administrator” and then click OK
  • Click Start on the desktop
  • Open “Run”
  • Type “% appdata%” in Run and press Enter
  • Go to Roaming/.minecraft/mods
  • Put the Mod file in Mods folders and then run Minecraft

We hope that this article will be useful to you when using BuildCraft Mod on Minecraft game. Wish you have a great experience playing this game.


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